Waterpolo / Swimming Trunks & Costumes

Some of the best players in the world rely on Turbo for their costumes and equipment, so we are very pleased to be able to offer this incredible gear to UK players.

Turbo swimsuits are known for their design, durability and resistance.

Turbo is the originator of dye sublimation competition swimwear, and has the worlds toughest anti-chlorine fabric. The custom dyed swimsuits are proven to last in the harsh chlorine environment of swimming pools. The comfort and fit the Turbo suit is like no other. Made in Spain, Turbo suits won't fade, pill, or sag.


Dye sublimation technology

Competition suitable Anti-chlorine fabric

Chlorine resistant colour

We have a wide range of 'Turbo' products: All designs available in the following products

Waterpolo trunks, costumes / swimming trunks, costumes / Jammers / Bikini's

We also offer a customised product specifically for your club / school.

All enquires please email: wyvernwaterpolo@yahoo.com

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